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 KOL MIKAELSON 5x18 ~ I got to say, It’s good to be seen.


This one actually makes my heart melt.


This one actually makes my heart melt.


The awkward moment when the ‘hybrid dick’ makes you laugh and tear because you realize he is merely a man in love.

HE ALMOST GOT HIT BY A CAR FOR HER. And it’s not even the principle of being hit because obviously he won’t be killed, but the fact that he doesn’t give a damn who in the town square sees him chasing after Caroline with his tail between his legs, literally ignoring passing cars. The Original Hybrid is subjecting himself to town gossip and embarrassment ONLY FOR C A R O L I N E. bYE friends

The Infernal Devices Characters + Final Words


some people have that thing where they can make ugly faces and still look cute doing it. this is not one of the skills i possess


"Your grades are slipping…"




what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom



You know your OTP

Is truly meant to be

When both their locks are flawless, flowing, and free~

Whenever the fandom use Tyler gifs in KC shipping it makes it all the more hilarious

AU meme: Klaus x Caroline

Sexy time


Anyone who makes fun of fanfiction has never read really good fanfiction.


I don’t think you understand how much I ship Klaroline.

[Paleyfest 2014] Klaroline Talk: Charles and Paul keeping it real.